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How LED walls make trade show booths immersive

During a trade show it’s crucial to have a booth that not only captures attention but also engages visitors on a deeper and immersive level.

The Immersive Duo: Projection Mapping Combined with LED Walls.

When two immersive technologies join forces, the result is a brand experience that transcends the ordinary.

Immersive Marketing: Creating Memorable Brand Experiences with LED Walls/Screens

Immersive marketing is brand experiences that engage the emotions of your audience. LED walls offer unlimited possibilities to tell stories in immersive ways.

3 Innovative applications of how LED walls and screens can be used for experiential branding

LED walls/screens have become powerful tools for experiential branding, offering dynamic and immersive opportunities to captivate audiences.

Goodbye Traditional Marketing: The Rise of Experiential Branding

Traditional marketing is losing their efficacy. As consumers become tired of conventional advertising, brands need innovative ways to make a lasting impact.

What is Experiential Branding?

Experiential branding is a powerful and innovative marketing strategy that is reshaping the way brands connect with their audience to an emotional level.

Revolutionize Your Product Launch Conferences with 3D Technical Animation

3D technical animation in product launches focuses on showcasing complex information or processes in an easy and immersive way.

Enhancing Experiences: The Power of Large-Format Visuals in Events, Conferences, AGMs, and Brand Launches

Large-format visuals elevate the impact and immersion of corporate events, conferences, annual general meetings (AGMs), and brand launches.

From Ordinary to Extraordinary: Transforming AGM Openings with Immersive Content

Traditional AGM openings often consist of speeches and PowerPoint presentations, but in today’s dynamic business landscape, capturing and retaining attendees’ attention requires a fresh approach

5 Reasons Why You Should Consider Custom Content Packages to Elevate Your Next Conference?

Custom content packages incorporate visually stunning and immersive elements, these packages have the power to elevate conferences to new heights.

What is an Interactive Installation?

Immersive experiences that create dynamic environments that responds to the presence, touch, and movements of the audience.

Why you should consider 3D Anamorphic Illusions when Advertising on LED Billboards

When 3D anamorphic content is applied to LED billboards, the results in brand engagement are way greater than in a regular DOOH advertisement display, here are the reasons why

What is 3D Anamorphic Advertising?

3D anamorphic advertising uses optical illusions to create captivating digital images that appear in 3D when viewed from a specific angle.

BRIGHT Downtown

BRIGHT Downtown is a projection mapping experience that showcases uplifting 3D animations in downtown Vancouver.

The show must go on—how event companies are innovating during the pandemic

Since March 2020 and the repercussions of COVID-19, there’s been a huge decline in cultural activities and entertainment…

Shattered at The Beaumont: A Wicked Walkthrough Experience

Fusing art and technology for an immersive and touch-free exhibit, Shattered at the Beaumont raises the spectre…

2021 Webinars and Resources

While COVID-19 has brought unprecedented challenges to the events industry, there has been no shortage of useful webinars and…

Life in High Def: Why LED video walls are the next big thing

LED video wall displays are at the forefront of transforming environments into immersive experiences through digital storytelling and art.

Using Entertainment Technology for your Next Event

Technology has always been an integral part of the events industry and these days audiences have come to expect bigger…

Take your Trade Show Booth from Boring to Extraordinary

Trade shows are a great networking opportunity for your business. You will be surrounded by hundreds of booths, though – many of them filled with your competitors.

How Video Became a Marketing Star

You’ve loaded your website with all kinds of fascinating information about your services or product. That’s great but…

How Projection Mapping is taking over the Events Industry

Projection-mapping technology is wowing audiences and providing an impressive return on investment in the form of publicity, engagement and…

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