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How Animation Elevate Airlines Branding Events

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The airline industry has been valued in the hundreds of billions of dollars globally. Despite facing challenges such as fluctuating fuel prices, regulatory changes, and occasional geopolitical tensions, the airline industry remains a significant contributor to the global economy. However, competitiveness in this industry has made airlines constantly seek innovative ways to stand out and connect with their audience to drive more business. One solution that has gained traction in recent years is the integration of animation into branding events. This article will explore how animation has become a powerful tool for airlines looking to elevate their brand presence.

The Role of Animation in Airline Events

Airlines engage in branding and marketing events regularly, although the frequency can depend on the airline’s size, marketing strategy, and industry trends; participating in marketing events allows airlines to showcase their brand and services to potential customers, increase brand awareness, and build relationships with other companies in the industry. These events may include seasonal campaigns, product launches, partnership events, community engagement events, and sponsor events, all offering excellent opportunities to integrate animation to promote the airline brand and increase its exposure.

Animation plays a crucial role in airline events as it can perform endless functions to enhance the visual appeal and attendees’ engagement. Furthermore, animated content is an event solution to draw attention and make a lasting impression. Some examples are incorporating vibrant motion graphics, immersive 3D animations such as projection mapping, and visually stimulating elements. There are many creative and innovative ways in which animated content can be integrated into airline events, but let’s analyze the benefits of doing so.

How Animation Elevate Airlines Branding Events

Go2 Productions – Projection Mapping for WestJet

Benefits of Incorporating Animation in Airline Events.

Animation is a powerful tool to convey a brand’s identity. As a result, using animation in airline events provides numerous benefits:

  • Enhanced Engagement: Animation captures audience attention more effectively than static visuals, increasing engagement levels during airline events. Animation creates a dynamic and immersive experience for attendees, leading to higher levels of participation and interest.
  • Improved Brand Recognition: Animated elements help reinforce brand identity and recognition. By incorporating branded animations, logos, and characters into airline events, companies can create a cohesive and memorable brand experience that resonates with attendees long after the event concludes.
  • Effective Storytelling: Animation provides a powerful storytelling tool, allowing airlines to convey complex messages and narratives in a visually compelling manner. Through animated videos, presentations, or interactive experiences, airlines can communicate their brand values, service offerings, new products, and unique selling points in a way that is engaging and easy to understand for event attendees.
  • Differentiation from Competitors: In a crowded market, standing out from competitors is crucial for airlines. Incorporating animation into branding events allows airlines to differentiate themselves by showcasing creativity, innovation, and forward-thinking. Unique and memorable animated experiences can leave a lasting impression on attendees, helping airlines carve out a distinct identity in the minds of consumers.

How Animation Elevate Airlines Branding Events

Go2 Productions – 3D Animation showcasing airplane components for Weber metals

Examples of Successful Animation Integration in Airline Branding Events

Case Study: A brand re-launch of epic proportions:

Southwest Airlines, one of the largest low-cost carriers in the United States, recently underwent a rebranding effort and aimed to introduce its fresh brand identity to its employees in a unique and innovative way. To achieve this goal, they decided to use 3D animation and projection mapping technology to create a larger-than-life video projection that would showcase their new brand identity in a captivating way.

For this purpose, the airline invited all of its employees to their corporate headquarters, where the video projection was set up. The projection was created by Go2 Production and it was designed to be highly immersive, with stunning visuals that brought Southwest’s new brand to life in a truly unique way.

The video projection was the centrepiece of the brand relaunch event, which was attended by hundreds of employees from across the company. As the projection unfolded, employees were able to see the brand’s new logo, colour scheme, and messaging come to life before their eyes. The event was a huge success and helped to generate excitement and enthusiasm for the new brand among Southwest’s employees.

Within the first hour of this event, SWA reported that out of their 46,000 employees, 26,000 of them had watched the streaming video online and shared it. If each person is estimated to have around 750 people reach in their own network, that means this event reached over 18 million people in the first hour alone. That’s ROI at the speed of “LIKE.”


In conclusion, animation serves as a powerful tool for elevating airlines’ branding events. By enhancing visual appeal, conveying brand identity, and creating memorable experiences, animation helps airlines stand out in a crowded market, increase brand recognition, and foster deeper connections with their audience.

If you are looking to incorporate 3D animation in your next marketing or branding event, contact Go2 Productions and we will guide you through the creative and production process to wow your audience.

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