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The Importance of Interactive Installations in Corporate Events

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Hosting memorable corporate events is essential for fostering meaningful connections, promoting brand awareness, and driving business growth. The days of traditional gatherings are close to gone; instead, modern companies are embracing innovative approaches to engage attendees and encourage network and business in unique ways. One innovative strategy involves incorporating interactive installations, revolutionizing the way corporate events are experienced and remembered. In this article, we will explore the importance of interactive installations in corporate events to elevate network gatherings to new heights.

The Evolution of Corporate Events

Over the years, corporate events have undergone a significant transformation, evolving from formal and dreary affairs to immersive experiences that engage and charm attendees. Today’s attendees are no longer satisfied with just networking opportunities; they crave interactive and memorable encounters that resonate with them on a deeper level. As a result, event planners must adapt to these changing preferences by infusing creativity and innovation into every aspect of their gatherings. This is why Interactive Installations can deliver an innovative solution to engage with the audience while they network and connect with the corporate event.

Understanding Interactive Installations

Interactive installations represent a departure from traditional event setups, offering attendees a chance to participate and engage with their surroundings actively. These installations encompass a wide range of interactive elements, including augmented reality experiences, digital art displays, gamification zones, learning touchscreen, and immersive storytelling environments. By integrating such installations into corporate events, organizers can create immersive environments that stimulate the senses and foster meaningful interactions among attendees.

The Importance of Interactive Installations in Corporate Events

Go2 Productions – Interactive Touch Screen with Tile Game for Telus Gala

Why interactivity is important?

The importance of interactive elements during corporate events cannot be overstated, as they play a pivotal role in enhancing attendee engagement, creating memorable experiences, and achieving event objectives. Here’s why interactive elements are crucial:

  • Enhanced Engagement: Interactive elements, such as digital displays, gamification zones, and interactive workshops, actively involve attendees in the event experience. Instead of being passive observers, participants become active contributors, which leads to higher levels of engagement and participation. This increased engagement fosters deeper connections with the event content, sponsors, and fellow attendees, making the overall experience more meaningful and enjoyable.

  • Memorable Experiences: When it comes to corporate events, adding interactive elements can add a touch of excitement and make them more memorable. Whether you’re doing hands-on activities, immersing yourself in a storytelling environment, or participating in interactive demonstrations, these elements create unique and shareable moments that will stick with you. As a result, attendees are more likely to remember the event and think back on it with positive feelings towards the brand or organization that hosted it.

  • Audience Interaction and Feedback: Interactive elements are super important for getting the audience involved and getting feedback. It’s a great way for event organizers to understand what attendees like and don’t like and what they’re interested in. With live polls, interactive Q&A sessions, and digital surveys, organizers can find out what people think in real time. This is helpful for planning future events, creating content, and coming up with marketing strategies.

The Importance of Interactive Installations in Corporate EventsGo2 Production – Robo Recharge Interactive Brand Gamification for AT&T at TwitchCon 2023

  • Brand Differentiation: Incorporating interactive elements can be an effective way to differentiate their functions from others in the same industry. By using the latest technology, creative storytelling, and interactive experiences, organizers can create an event identity that is unique and memorable. This can help reinforce the company’s brand values, identity, and messaging and ultimately attract and retain attendees.

  • Increased ROI and Sponsorship Opportunities: Interactive elements can drive tangible business outcomes by increasing attendee satisfaction, driving booth traffic, and enhancing lead generation and conversion rates. As a result, sponsors and exhibitors are more likely to see a positive return on their investment in the event. Additionally, the interactive nature of these elements provides unique sponsorship opportunities, allowing brands to align themselves with innovative and engaging experiences.

Case Studies: BC Tech Summit 4D Portal:

To illustrate the impact of interactive installations on corporate events, let’s explore the BC Tech Summit 4D Portal that Go2 Productions created to showcase various tech industries in BC for the #BCTechSummit event in Vancouver.

Go2 Productions created a unique 4D experience which featured 3x 20ft wide stereoscopic screens, fully animated stereoscopic environments with audio, a hydraulic entrance, and a vibrating floor, complete with interactive controls to allow guests to progress through the experience. The experience was crafted to showcase in 8 minutes of content various BC tech innovations and updates of the industries in an engaging and innovative way.

Here is the video explaining this immersive Experience in detail:

The success of this installation was extremely rewarding for everyone involved. It was the largest install at the event and successfully moved 1500 people through the experience per day, easily accommodating between 10-15 people at a time to experience the 8 minutes of educational content.


In conclusion, interactive installations in corporate events represent a paradigm shift in event design, offering companies unparalleled opportunities to engage, inspire, and connect with their audiences. By embracing innovation, leveraging technology, and prioritizing attendee experiences, organizations can elevate their corporate events to new heights of success. With interactive installations at the forefront, the future of corporate events is brighter and more engaging than ever before.

If you need help adding interactivity to your next corporate event, contact us. We’ll guide you through the creative and production process.

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