Vancouver Event Industry Holiday Party 2017

Bringing the magic to a Narnia-themed holiday party

The 2017 Holiday party by ILEA Vancouver, along with the BC Chapter of MPI and PCMA West Canada, saw the event industry’s top professionals gathering for a unique holiday celebration. The theme of the event was ‘Through the Wardrobe’, inspired by the Chronicles of Narnia series and everything from the event branding to the food and the decor celebrating this magical theme.

Go2 created the content that was projected onto two 18ft high panels and one 16ft wide LED wall.  The majestic 16ft-tall roaring lion and elegant ice queen captured the essence of the theme and added drama and excitement to the backdrop for the event. We also provided our addictive touchscreen game for attendees to play with.

Vancouver Event Industry Holiday Party 2017

The Results

Projection mapping is perfect for celebratory events as our content is always entertaining, engaging and memorable. Attendees of the party were thrilled by the projection mapped panels and LED wall and stopped to take numerous pictures in front of them all night long. If you have a special occasion coming up, call us to find out how our striking environments can add the perfect ambience to your event with the creative use of visuals.

View the 3D motion graphics:


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