TELUS Touch Game

Increase brand engagement at your next corporate event with an 80″ touch screen game

Touch screen brand activations can be incredibly successful if you do them right. We turned the well known TELUS critters into a fast paced addictive game, that had people laughing and interacting for the entire length of the event. To make the game really competitive we added a timer, complete with top ten times of the evening. This winning combination compelled people to film friends and share their attempts through social media.

The touch screen game was so successful, TELUS asked if we could return for the following two AGM’s they scheduled. Take a look at the video below to see just how popular the game became.

TELUS Touch Game

The Challenge

Initially, we pitched this concept as a custom window display for the TELUS stores. They loved the idea but wanted something similar for their upcoming AGM scheduled just 4 weeks out. We got straight to work and had full designs ready within just 4 days and programming complete within 3 weeks.

The Result

We took the classic memory game called “concentration” and added a couple of twists… Instead of having an even amount of tiles to flip over we added one extra special card – A Lemon. So not only did the players have to remember where all the critters were, they also had to not forget the lemon! When players turned this tile over it was game over!

If you have a corporate event or AGM coming up then we highly recommend calling us to discuss making this an option for you. We’d love to opportunity to create a memorable experience for your brand.

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