A wicked walkthrough experience

Vancouver, Oct 2020

Fusing art and technology for an immersive and touch-free exhibit, Shattered at the Beaumont raised the spectre of Halloween fun with a multitude of lights, lasers, 3D installations and soundscapes, as well as cutting-edge electronic illusions and timeless stage tricks. The exhibit thrilled both the young and young-at-heart as they made their way through 10,000 square feet of The Beaumont’s labyrinthine hallways, stairways, studios and courtyard.


The Results

A co-production between our team, The BeaumontInnovation Lighting and dozens of Vancouver-based artists, Shattered at the Beaumont had stringent COVID protocols including a mask requirement, hygiene stations, a definitive audience flow, and physically distanced, timed and staggered entry for pods of up to 6 people within the same social bubble.

Shattered received rave reviews during its three-week run and was sold out every single night. The exhibit saw over 6500 attendees, many whom were visiting the Beaumont studios for the very first time.
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Wings and Wizards

An immersive experience for the whole family

Vancouver, June 2021

Wings and Wizards is an interactive exhibit that merges art, tech, storytelling, and design to create a truly sublime magical adventure. Self-guided and touch-free, Wings and Wizards showcases the meeting point between technology and magic, making use of cutting-edge interactive technologies, such as motion tracking, proximity-based devices, lights, projections, props, and soundscapes, to weave a truly spellbinding experience. 

The exhibit is produced by SHINE Experiences and showcases the talents of Go2 ProductionsInnovation Lighting, and Spectra Event Group — veterans in the Canadian events space.


The Experience

“Kids and kids-at-heart will delight in stepping through the portal doors into a world of wizardry and spells (which we mere mortals know as the underground banquet rooms of BC Place) where you’re set on a quest to find a special dragon egg.

Groups of up to six people move from room to room, set up as a castle and an enchanted forest, as the story unfolds, using high-tech features to interact with the space and unlocking access to the next chapter. You’ll have to learn to wave your wand in patterns, tap out colour sequence spells, and follow commands to make it through.”

Perfect for families, Wings and Wizards is more magical than spooky, and only offers some startles as opposed to serious scares, though tinier tots may not be able to follow along or enjoy the lighting effects and dark spaces. Adults will appreciate a few wink-wink moments (like the advice on how to “practice safe hex” and follow safety rules) and everyone will groan and giggle along with some choice puns.” – Vancouverisawesome.com

Wings and Wizards has been specifically designed with stringent COVID-19 protocols, in full accordance with British Columbia’s public health guidelines and include hygiene stations, a definitive audience flow, and physically distanced, timed, and staggered entry for pods of up to 6 people within the same social bubble.

Follow the hashtag #vanwizards on Instagram to see all the happy faces that have passed through our Wizard Academy.

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