BC Tech Summit 4D Portal

"360º immersive environments"

Go2 Productions created a unique 4D experience to showcase various tech industries in BC, for the #BCTechSummit event in Vancouver.

The 4D Portal experience featured 3x 20ft wide stereoscopic screens, fully animated stereoscopic environments with audio, a hydraulic entrance and vibrating floor, complete with interactive controls to allow guests to progress through the experience. The experience was designed specifically to showcase various BC tech innovations and industries in a unique, engaging and memorable way.

Techniques used: Interactive Installation, Immersive Experience, 3D Animation, Audio Design
Client: BCTech


Go2’s extensive knowledge in stereoscopic content and PLC programming made this the most engaging and talked about exhibit at the event, successfully moving 1500 people through the experience per day, easily accommodating between 10-15 people at a time to experience the 8 minutes of educational content.

The Challenge:

Groundbreaking activations like this always have challenges, from time and budget constraints to technical issues.  One of the big challenges for us was that we needed to create a custom cable that allowed our stereoscopic projectors to talk to the RealD control module. Before this event, these cables never existed. The cable needed to ‘fool’ the RealD controller into thinking there was an infrared emitter connected, in this case it wasn’t necessary as we switched the technology around to allow passive glasses to be used instead of active shutter. This meant a faster, more efficient throughput of people without the need to recharge any glasses.


The success of this installation was extremely rewarding for everyone involved. It was the largest install at the event and commented many times as being the most popular. Check out the hashtag #4DPortal on Twitter to see all the comments.

As mentioned in the video, it is no longer enough to have a booth and table filled with printed brochures; experiential activations such as this are now the level of engagement that people have come to expect at events.