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What are Water Screen Projections?

Water screen projections, also known as 3D water screens or aqua screens, are a captivating form of multimedia entertainment that combines water and light to create stunning visual displays that look like holograms. This cutting-edge technology seamlessly blends artistry and innovation, using water as a canvas to bring on dynamic visuals that fascinate audiences. In this blog post, we’ll explore the world of water screen projections.

How do water screen projections work?

Water screen projections involve projecting images, 3D animations, or videos onto a fine mist of water, creating a semi-transparent, ethereal surface. This mist is typically generated by powerful pumps that force water through specialized nozzles. These nozzles are designed to atomize water into fine droplets or a mist. They achieve this by forcing high-pressure streams of water through tiny openings. The size and shape of the nozzles are crucial in generating a fine mist that provides a suitable canvas for projections.

As the water is forced through the nozzles, high-powered projectors are positioned strategically to cast images or videos onto the water screen. These projectors are equipped with specialized lenses to ensure that the projected content is sharp, clear, and properly aligned on the mist. Finally, the mist diffuses the light from the projectors, creating a vibrant and dynamic visual display.

What are Water Screen Projections?Go2 Productions – Water Screen Projection MLS All-Stars Weekend

Beyond Visuals: Engaging the Senses:

What sets water screen projections apart is their ability to engage multiple senses. If sound effects or sound design is added and synced with the visual display, water screens are capable of creating multisensory experiences. This union of sight and sound enhances the immersive nature of the show, enveloping the audience in a captivating and immersive sensory journey.

Applications Across Industries:

The versatility of water screen projections extends across a spectrum of industries. From grand-scale events to intimate gatherings, this technique has found a place in entertainment, advertising, art installations, and beyond. Brands, artists, and event planners recognize its power to evoke emotion, captivate audiences, and etch messages into memory.

  • Entertainment Shows: Water screen projections are commonly used in entertainment shows, such as concerts, theme park attractions, and special events. They add a dynamic visual element to performances.
  • Events and Celebrations: They are popular choices for grand openings, festivals, and other special occasions to create a memorable experience for attendees.
  • Advertising and Branding: Companies sometimes use water screens as a unique and attention-grabbing way to display their logos or messages.

What are Water Screen Projections?Go2 Productions – Water Screen Projection for ATNT TwitchCon 2022

What are the main challenges when doing a Water Screen Projection?

Executing a water screen projection involves a unique set of challenges that require careful planning and technical expertise. Here are some of the key challenges to consider:

Weather Conditions:

Outdoor installations are susceptible to weather conditions such as wind, rain, and humidity. Wind can disperse the mist, affecting the quality of the projection, while rain can make the equipment and projection surface wet, potentially causing technical issues.

Water Quality and Purity:

The quality of the water used in the system is crucial. Impurities in the water can obstruct the nozzles and affect the clarity of the mist. Proper filtration and treatment of the water are essential to ensure optimal performance.

Content Creation and Mapping:

Creating content that is optimized for water screen projections requires careful consideration. Designing images or animations that take into account the unique characteristics of misted water is essential for achieving the desired visual effect.

Lighting Conditions:

Controlling ambient lighting conditions is crucial for the visibility of the projected content. Bright ambient light can wash out the projection, reducing its clarity and impact.


Whether in grand spectacles or intimate gatherings, the ethereal allure of Water Screen projections continues to redefine the way we perceive and engage with visual entertainment. As technology advances, we can only imagine the breathtaking displays that lie ahead, promising even more intricate and captivating experiences for audiences around the world. At Go2 Productions, we specialize in crafting immersive experiences through the artful integration of Water Screen projections. Contact us today to explore how we can transform your event into an unforgettable journey of sight and sound.



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