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Multi Award-Winning SFU Video Nominated For Yet More Hardware

The SFU 50th Anniversary Campaign projection mapping we conceived and produced, already awarded with a gold at the DSE awards (Digital Signage Expo Awards) in Las Vegas, has also been nominated for the International Special Events Society (ISES) 2014 Esprit Awards.

Congratulations to the entire Go2 team and SFU for trusting our creativity and dedication in making their launch event a unique and memorable one.

The video itself utilizes cutting-edge 3D Projection Mapping, a digital technology that brings walls and flat surfaces to life. In the video, the back wall of the prestigious SFU theatre is transformed into a moving, breathing surface, which then becomes a window on the world from the air, as we soar above Burnaby, Vancouver and Surrey along with some feathered companions.

Initially, SFU approached Go2 to produce a video that was to be projected on to a regular 16×9 screen. Once we did a site visit we suggested that the entire back wall of the theatre should be the canvas. After viewing our previous projection mapping work, SFU’s event team decided to let us take the lead in producing something totally unexpected for the 500 attendees. Our projection mapping piece was kept completely secret so maximum impact could be achieved on the evening of the event. No one expected the walls to start moving quite like this.

Learn more about the project and watch the video here.