Go2 combines art and technology to create beautiful, immersive installations that are unforgettable.

We pay attention to the details – the little things that can make or break an immersive experience for your audience. We take people into magical worlds that they are excited to explore for the first time.

Go2 uses 3D projection mapping along with mesmerizing graphics and high-quality audio for art installations and events that are like no other.



Art Installations
We bring show-stopping interactive content to any installation or exhibit, be it a screen, a room or a dome. We use the latest applications in technology along with stunning motion graphics and 3D images to create that wow factor your attendees have been craving. Our immersive installations are an amalgamation of our unique take on light, projection, graphics and sound.

For example, our content for MIRAGE, an art installation, took people on an incredible 360 degree audiovisual experience. The mirrored floor and ceiling created an infinity effect which amplified the visual experience and gave the illusion of the room being bigger on the inside. Our projector positioning had to be spot on and we came up with a new way to use the projectors so that the entire surface of the room was covered.

Immersive Exhibits
We created a unique 4D ‘portal’ for a client at the BC Tech Summit. The 4D Portal experience featured 3x 20ft wide stereoscopic screens, fully animated stereoscopic environments with audio, a hydraulic entrance and vibrating floor, complete with interactive controls to allow guests to progress through the experience.

Immersive Dining
Take your evening to the next level with an immersive dining experience. Using sights, scents and sounds, you’ll watch a magical story unfold on the table through 3D projection mapping while you dig into your delicious meal. This will be a once in a lifetime event marrying art, gastronomy and virtual reality and our team can take care of the entire creative and technical solution.

Our installations and events have been shared all over the internet with a hashtag for each project that allows you to track the success of the event. Integrating social media into our projects is an important step in getting your message across and attracting more publicity for the installation.

Call 604 408 5844 to discuss how we can collaborate on an amazing experiential project or fill out our contact form here.

Experiential Featured Work

Target Spherical Hologram

It’s a bird, it’s a plane… it’s the world’s first spherical hologram!

Immersive Environments – MIRAGE

MetMirage is a mind blowing 360º immersive audio visual experience. Just like Doctor Who’s TARDIS… It’s bigger on the inside!

BC Tech Summit 4D Portal

A mindblowing 4D immersive environment with stereoscopic projection

Sunkist Activation

Giving commuters at a busy Pittsburg station a chance to experience the beauty of a California orange grove.

Target MLS 2017

Incredible full size digital penalty shoot out activation, for the Target MLS 2017 event in Chicago.