Vancouver Event Industry Holiday Party 2019

Join us, and you'll be in a world of Pure Imagination!

The annual Vancouver Event Industry Holiday Party brings together three association memberships – ILEA Vancouver, MPI BC Chapter, and PCMA Canada West – and their guests for a fabulous, end-of-year celebratory holiday experience.

The award-winning event is the result of a collaboration among Vancouver’s top event professionals. The theme for 2019 was ‘Pure Imagination,’ inspired by the charming, whimsical ‘Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory.’  Everything from the event branding and decor to the food and entertainment celebrated this fantastical theme.

Techniques Used: Projection Mapping, LED Content Production, Custom Content Package
Clients: ILEA Vancouver


With a slew of talented event profs at the helm of this event, magic was bound to happen. The Go2 team wanted to use technology in a fun, exciting way, allowing people to connect over interactive games and shared experiences. In keeping with the theme, our team used projection mapping, interactive games and an LED slide (yes, really!) to thrill and surprise guests.

LED Slide:

We wanted a show-stopping feature piece that fully incorporated the theme. Our vision was a chocolate slide that guests could use to set their inner child free that also acted as a fantastic backdrop for their Instagram pics. Visuals of a chocolate waterfall were displayed on a makeshift LED stage that then ran down the slide. Our team created the original 3D content for this unique LED structure and assisted with the technical specifications for the build with PROMOSA.

Touch Screen Throw Game:

Our interactive throw game is customizable, brand-able, easy to set up and a whole lot of fun. Attendees threw softballs at different types of candy that were projected onto a wall. If, during their 30-second session, they hit a stick of dynamite, there was a penalty involved. We had groups of guests trying to beat their original scores and out-rank their friends. Using a short-throw projector and our proprietary laser technology, almost any wall or surface can easily become one of the most photographed spaces that will feature heavily on your guests’ social media streams.

Projection Mapping:

Before heading into the main room for the event, guests enjoyed drinks and appetizers in a smaller pre-event room. Custom 2D and 3D content was projected onto a large surface comprising two large LED screens with a cloth screen in the middle, giving attendees a hint about the journey they were about to go on. For the big reveal in the main event room, the cloth screen rose to the ceiling, and guests were able to enter the party area.  For the rest of the night, the content was rear-projected onto the two LED screens, using key elements inspired by Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory, transforming what would have been just a boring space into a dynamic backdrop.

LED Ceiling Panels:

When attendee’s eyes happened to travel upwards, they were treated to looping animations that were projected onto 4 LED panels on the ceiling in the middle of the room. The content was a continuation of the projection mapping content used on the two large LED screens in the room.