The Explainer Video

Clear and concise is the key.

People love watching entertaining videos. That’s the reasoning behind the motion graphic ‘explainer video’ and why it has become so successful as a marketing tool, replacing the traditional – usually quickly outdated – talking head corporate video.

Explainer videos are quick to update. It’s also very easy to add new information, build upon and create multiple versions for A/B testing. This makes it the perfect tool for ‘explaining’ a company, product or process, hence the name “Explainer Video”.

One of the best things about a motion graphic explainer video is how well it can enforce a brand identity. It’s often the first thing a person watches to learn about your brand, so having complete control over that experience is huge. Script, voice over, image and tone are carefully designed to best represent the brand’s culture.


The Explainer Video

The Challenge


The challenge for us as a production company producing your explainer video, is to learn about your brand, product or company deep enough to be able to produce a successful explainer video for you. To do this effectively we work with you collaboratively to establish a ‘creative brief’. The creative brief contains several questions for you to answer to help us understand your project in great detail. We also have a project start up meeting in which your key people talk with our creative department, writers and production manager, to flush out any uncertainties and to clarify the creative direction we propose.

The Result


Making a great explainer video that is clear and concise requires a detailed process and our production process has been developed and perfected over the past 10 years, to ensure every video we create is of the highest quality. Everything we do regarding the project is monitored and tracked online using Basecamp, giving a complete backup of each decision made so nothing is missed.

Having produced thousands of corporate videos that successfully engage and educate audiences, we’ve become very good at it and we’d love to make yours too.  Second chances are rare, so making a great first impression on your audience is paramount. Put your best foot forward and contact us today.

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