TEDxEastVan Opening Video

TEDxEastVan is a day-long event that brings together creators, catalysts, designers and thinkers to share their ideas worth spreading on the TEDx stage. A day of listening and connecting that invites thought, discussion and play, the TEDx talks are interspersed with activities, performances, and food worth eating.

As a supporting partner of TEDxEastVan, Go2 produced all the graphic design elements and the incredibly photo filled opening video.

Credit : Eli Trevino / Tiz Beretta


The Challenge

One of the challenges in creating this event opener video was to capture the true flavour of East Van. There is a hugely diverse cultural mix here in East Van that needed to be shown through photography. Eli and Tiz spent a whole weekend – 44,000 steps according to their Fitbit counter – capturing thousands of photos from all over East Van.

The Result

The result was a highly engaging mix of 2D animation and stunning photography that successfully captured the cultural diversity that makes up the East Van community.

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