Sunkist Activation

Welcome to the Grove

The ‘Welcome to the Grove’ campaign for Sunkist was all about bringing the sights, sounds and scents of the orange groves of California to Pittsburgh. As part of multi-threaded, city-wide campaign, Go2 was tasked to film and create a series of loops that could then be projection mapped onto a corrugated steel wall in the North Shore T station close to downtown Pittsburgh.

The activation grew over the course of the week as we added new content each day to keep the loop fresh for thousands of commuters.

Sunkist Activation

The Challenge

The greatest challenge was getting the whole display set up and running within the 7-hour overnight time frame. With a huge pop-up display to hide the media servers and truss system and 4 projectors to align across a corrugated galvanized surface, this was certainly a challenging task, but as you can see from the photos, we made it look seamless and had the whole display set up and running within the allotted time.

How We Did It

Go2’s film crew spent one whole day shooting at a Sunkist orange grove in Ojai CA. Starting at 5am to capture the sunrise loop, they then spent the rest of the day filming various scenes involving children, fruit inspection, people taking a break from fruit picking, educational messages from the orange grove owner and finally a golden hour (pink hour) time-lapse of the sun setting on the grove. Each scene was part of a morning, afternoon and evening loop set that we built on-site in Pittsburgh. Everything was shot using a locked off camera so each scene could fade between each other perfectly, giving the illusion of a much longer sequence.

The Results

Many commuters paused during their rush to and from work to take in the various scenes. The more successful scenes were the ones involving children running, laughing and playing hide and seek amongst the orange groves. Local TV news channels turned up to film the activation for broadcast after the first couple of days, once the word got out.

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