Splashes TV Commercial

A TV commercial completely in sink (sync) with the product and brand

Splashes have wonderful showrooms with a huge range of kitchen and bathroom products to choose from. Hundreds of different faucets adorn the walls, and a multitude of sink units are built into countertops throughout.

The challenge we were given was to conceptualize, shoot, and edit a series of unique commercials in two of the Splashes showrooms – without them looking like they were shot in a showroom. That’s when we came up with the concept – In Sink (Sync). It was a play on words that allowed us to shoot a lot of close-ups and extreme close-ups so as not to show any of the actual showroom.

Techniques used: Video Production, Motion Graphics
Client: Splashes


The idea was to spend a day in each showroom with a list of brands and items that needed to appear in the commercials, then dress and shoot close-up shots of items interacting with the brand elements to create a unique sound.

These sounds, or moments, were recorded as audio and video bites that were then edited to create unique-sounding beats for each brand and product.

Audio moments they were ranged from playing with sinks and baths like bongos, dropping rubber ducks into bath water, stretching out retractable shower heads, cutting veggies on chopping boards, washing utensils, cleaning shower walls, etc. Careful choices were made to avoid making the sounds appear negative for the products – no drips or squeaks, toilet flushes, etc.

The result was a series of fast-paced edits that show various angles of the products in a uniquely memorable fashion without looking like any of it was shot in a showroom.


The Commercials