3D projection mapping delivers a fully immersive experience

Seagate’s CES experience required a very creative tech solution

Seagate had recently undergone a re-branding and they wanted Go2 to communicate this new message in a uniquely powerful and engaging way during the internationally renowned Consumer Electronics Show (CES) 2015 in Las Vegas.

A 40ft wide x 11ft high wall was to be the projection surface, the thing is… we only had a 16ft hallway to fit everything into and we still needed a safe thoroughfare for the constant flow of people to enter and exit safely.



The Challenge

With a 40ft long x 11ft high foyer entrance into the Seagate experience and a width of just 16ft, creating a custom built, seamless projection surface along the full length of the wall required a very creative solution.

Go2’s award winning tech team came up with an ultra-short throw, multiple projection solution, which meant we could cover the entire 40ft wide x 11ft high area, from a distance of just 4ft. Everything we designed was free standing and nothing touched the hotel foyer walls or ceiling.

Seagate’s audience was made up of invited press, industry analysts, new and existing customers and prospects–all who do not impress easily.

The Results

The Anthem Wall was all about delivering visual drama and impact. As visitors entered, they were instantly immersed in Seagate’s world – experiencing the brand in a manner that was truly unforgettable. The 3D projection mapping animation is now being repurposed by Seagate for other mediums and audiences.

The shear impact this had on people when they entered the hotel foyer was huge. People literally stopped in their tracks to watch the whole thing from start to finish, with many people trying to capture the whole thing on their smart phones. It also turned out to be a great impromptu “selfie station” for many guests of Seagate.

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