Retail Projection Mapping

3D tech is opening up a world of possibilities for retail brands

And helping retailers to bring their products to life is 3D Projection Mapping. Our technique helps brands tell compelling stories whilst transforming products into real-life canvases. High-impact Motion Graphics and Animation help explore product characteristics, brand positioning, and highlight campaign stories.

Digital content is already being used to expand consumer experience, with interactive displays responding to the audience’s choices. Through augmented reality, it is really easy to preview how different clothes would go together or how customized products would look before they are produced.

Retail Projection Mapping

The Results

Instead of just sitting on a shelf, projection mapping helps products come to life with bold graphics and wild designs. Specific features of products can be highlighted and the environment around the product can be projected on to, for a contrasting effect. We can project onto everything from a pair of shoes to a mannequin making the products themselves something of a digital light show.

Projection mapping is great for trade shows as well, and the technology can be applied along with sound design and other effects to create a dazzling display that people enthusiastically share through social media channels. The possibilities for technical innovation for brands are endless with the right digital content and when consumers are empowered to become co-creators of their experiences.

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