Projection Mapping #SFU50

Projection mapping an ultra-wide structure

Celebratory events are always a great reason to use projection mapping. Our 3D projection mapped content ensures they are engaging, high impact and memorable. This was our second projection mapping project with SFU.

SFU’s massive academic quadrangle, at the Burnaby campus, was the location for the celebration and Go2 filled one entire length of the building with an evening of audio visual entertainment. Each of the 144 windows we’re perfect for displaying historic photos from SFU’s incredibly engaging journey.

Go2 also filmed and edited the entire day’s events as part of the requirements. 

Projection Mapping #SFU50

The Challenge

Working with such a wide structure that has so many intricate extrusions is a challenge for sure. That’s why each activation we do is custom designed to ensure the content we produce best suits the projection surface.

We used the architectural extrusions to our advantage in this case by producing content that made each surface appear to be self lit panels. This concept worked perfectly for the audio visual experience we had planned. We also used a total of 7 high powered projectors to ensure each crevice was saturated in colour with no shadows.


The Results

SFU’s feedback on the experience we created was incredible. It’s always a pleasure working with event organizers that trust your expertise and give you the freedom to create something uniquely amazing.

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