The Sleeping Prince

Projection Mapping An Entire Castle For Tilting Points’ Hit iOS Game “The Sleeping Prince”

When Tilting Point initially approached us to conceptualize and produce a castle projection mapping experience to promote and launch their new touch based game – “The Sleeping Prince”, we wanted to make it extra special.

This projection mapping experience was to be used as a prelude to launch the game, describing the story line of how the entire kingdom was put under the big sleep spell, cast by the evil wizard “Sidney Slime”.

The Sleeping Prince

The Challenge

In keeping with the theme of the game, Tilting Point’s Vice President of Marketing – Tom Bass, requested that this entire piece be mapped on to an actual castle. After presenting a few different options to the client we unanimously settled on the incredibly beautiful Lyndhurst Castle in Tarrytown New York.  Our team meticulously measured every detail of the castle and modelled the entire south east face in 3D to ensure perfect accuracy. Surrounding trees and grounds features were even brought in to the layout so that we could install additional atmospheric lighting for greater effect during event night.  Written concept and storyboarding took us around one week to complete and sign off, after which we began working with the actual game assets to create the characters for the animation; The Sleeping Prince, The King and Queen, Sidney Slime and a whole wrath of other evil characters needed texturing, rigging and animating.

Watch the onsite news report here.

The Results

This incredible projection mapping project earned over 800,000 Youtube views and massive media coverage in just four weeks.

A huge amount of animation details were put into transforming the exterior of Lyndhurst castle into both a truly magical looking fairytale version of itself along with a completely evil version of itself when Sidney Slime makes his appearance, complete with 100ft tall banners hanging and blowing in the breeze, dozens of lit flame torches dotted around it’s exterior, 8ft high knights in shining armour, giant spiders crawling over the surface and huge ogres smashing through the walls and throwing chunks of castle to name but a few.

Our technical team calculated a total of 8 HD projection zones were required to span the entire face of the castle using 20k projectors. Giving the isolated location of the castle and the fact there was zero ambient light interfering with the surface, 20k projectors were ample and the whole castle was lit up beautifully.

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