A TV commercial that cuts through the clutter with humour 

PlantCal is an organic calcium supplement sourced from ocean algae in South America. PlantCal claims to stop bone density loss, unlike other calcium supplements that just slow it down. Instead of a technical, explainer video, we decided to go with a funny commercial to get the audience’s attention. The theme of the commercial was ‘don’t eat rocks’ but instead make the healthier choice with PlantCal’s calcium supplements.  


The Results

To get people to sit through a commercial and better yet, to get them to notice a commercial, you have to serve up a great and/or funny storyline. We went with a humorous take on getting the information across and incorporated the scene of the pharmacist literally breaking a rock and putting rock pieces into a medicine jar to effectively get across our message of ‘don’t eat rocks’. The ad works well because we’re not just trying to get a laugh or reaction, but also adding in other attributes – we’re using humour to punctuate a selling point.

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