Every brand has a story to tell.

In this video we tell the story of how a small fishing company was born in 1962, who’s mission was to simply provide “the best quality seafood the ocean has to offer” and how they are now the leading canned seafood brand in Canada and part of the Jim Pattison Group.


The Challenge

With Ocean Brands expanding their line of seafood products and a major corporate event coming up, they wanted a video that not only illustrated their product diversity, but also told the story of Oceans beginnings and journey of growth to become Canada’s largest seafood brand.

The Result

After very detailed preproduction stages of scripting and styling for the video, we ended up choosing beautifully designed 3D animation for the product section, allowing us to make the products look as great as possible as we highlighted the regions of the world from which they come and well designed motion graphics for the past, present and future sections. The result is a very beautiful looking video that tells a great story. Oceans were extremely happy with the result. We would love to do the same for you. Contact us today to get started and tell us a little about your video production needs.

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