A Smart Luxury Brand Video Made With Style

Mezzi, a producer of smart, luxury leather accessories, uniquely integrating beautiful design with smart technology, by incorporating connectivity between your bag and your iPhone, launched in 2014.

Each and every shot of this video was carefully planned out and captured to reflect the quality and precision of the Mezzi brand. Extreme close ups and rack focuses combined with elegant sweeping steady cam shots and wide angled views, in a style very fitting for the Mezzi brand


The Challenge

As a part of their launch, they were interested in featuring the artist behind the design, construction and quality of their products.

The Result

Stylish Shots Combined With Elegant Editing.
Go2 Productions suggested filming the Mezzi designer, Raif Adelberg, in an environment in which he is most inspired – his studio on Bowen Island, BC, to show their viewers a behind the scenes look at the detailed craft that goes into each of their bags. Along side the opportunity to film a beautiful environment, we focused on getting steady-cam shots and slow pans of Raif working within his studio to further communicate the space and the multiple design steps behind getting a finished product.

For the final edit, we aimed to edit the footage with fluidity and finesse, alongside 2D/3D inspirational messaging, representing and communicating the innovative beauty behind the Mezzi product.

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