Kitchen King

Stop motion animation for TV commercials is fun and very engaging to watch

Kitchen King wanted their TV commercial to show their long grain rice in a fun and engaging way. We suggested using stop motion animation to create a series of scenes that built up and transitioned from one to another in a highly artistic manner.

Stop motion animation is the technique of manually moving element that appears on screen, ever so slightly for each and every frame. This adjustment each frame makes the objects appear to move on their own when played back in sequence at the regular speed.

Kitchen King

The Challenge

Every grain of rice had to be manually moved into position for every single frame to create the incredible effect you see in the final piece. This obviously took a lot of planning and a lot of patience.

The Result

After weeks of carefully moving the elements around and thousands of frames captured, it was fantastic to see the frames played back at regular speed, all come together as one amazing TV commercial.

A very mesmerizing and memorable spot, that successfully showcases the product and informs the audience, exactly as it should.

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