Keith Haring

Pixel Mapping Pop Art Legend – Keith Haring

We had the great pleasure to produce projection mapping content for the Keith Haring Foundation on a huge 3D pixel mapping project.

The location of this projection event was on the The Maritime Hotel located in the very trendy Chelsea area of New York City.

Keith Haring

The Challenge

The idea was to have the building taken over by Keith Haring artwork supplied to us by the KH Foundation. Our challenge was to create a modern day digital style that matched the style and colour palette of Keith Haring’s artwork.

The Result

We began designing the look and feel of the massive pixel mapping to be projected to represent and include the unique artwork of the legendary Keith Haring. The high impact 3D animation and visual effects for this one took our artists a total of 4 weeks to produce and once again, went without a single hitch.

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