Jimmy Kimmel Live Christmas Light Show

Transforming the Masonic Temple to bring Christmas to Hollywood Blvd

December 2, 2015 – January 01, 2016.  Go2 Productions worked closely with the JKL creative team to create a seasonally themed transformation of Hollywood Blvd’s Masonic Temple, home of Jimmy Kimmel Live. The projection content consisted of almost 20 minutes of original animation along with custom shot live action inserts.

6 high powered projectors were installed onto a 4th floor balcony, opposite the masonic temple for the entire five week period. Each evening from 5pm to midnight, a seasonal light show delighted the general public as they filled the streets leading up to Christmas and New Years Eve.

Jimmy Kimmel Live Christmas Light Show

The Challenge

The main challenge on this project was overcoming the ambient light levels of Hollywood Blvd. Several giant LED screens adorn the boulevard in this particular strip, meaning the light level on the Masonic Temple is constantly bright. We spec’d 6 high powered projectors to cover the building as one zone to overcome this. This meant that the alignment of the content had to be spot on each night to ensure a sharp and crisp video image.


The Results


People gathered on the blvd each evening to watch the festive animations unfold. New content was tweaked and deployed each week to ensure a fresh, ever evolving series of animations through out the month of December.

Both Twitter and Instagram received posts from passers by throughout the Christmas period using the hashtag #Kimmel.

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