Creating a Fully Immersive Environment

DIGIBC Ultra-wide projection in a dome

Projection mapping is the perfect medium for creating an immersive event experience that is out of this world!

A special event projection for an award show or corporate event opening experience can be unbelievably mind blowing. Whether we’re projecting onto a huge stage set or using existing surfaces as part of a projection mapping experience, creating a unique and memorable experience is always the goal.

With live events, conventions and AGM’s on the rise, you really need to consider what people are going to experience and therefore what memorable experiences you’re going to create for them.

Creating a Fully Immersive Environment

The Challenge

For this immersive event projection we were required to project onto the TELUS World Of Science spherical OMNIMAX screen that was 80 feet in diameter.

Two 10k projectors were placed in the centre of the OMNIMAX theatre, with a single blend down the middle. With the huge OMNIMAX screen surface as a canvas, it made sense for us to create an expansive space scene, as the opening title sequence for the show.

The Results

This high impact title sequence was designed to grab the audiences attention and get them pumped for the start of an award show. The event was for DIGI-BC’s ’25 Most Innovative Companies in BC”.  With quality animation and motion graphics, looking like a scene from the blockbuster hit “Gravity”, DIGIBC was completely on board with what we pitched and were blown away with the results we produced.

We are experts at creating immersive and engaging experiences – that part of the evening that everyone remembers and talks about the next day, most often the part that gets filmed and shared on social networks. ROI at the speed of ‘LIKE’.
If you need an immersive event experience using projection mapping, or high impact opening title sequences for your next event that are Out Of This World, then call us at 604 408 5844 to arrange a free consultation.

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