iMapp Bucharest 2018

Illuminating one of the largest facades in the world

iMapp Bucharest is the world’s most famous projection mapping contest and draws a crowd of over 60,000 people. Go2 was one of 10 finalists chosen to participate in the 2018 event. Our team created an original piece, which was then projected onto the Parliament Building in Bucharest – the second largest building in the world. 64 projectors were used to light up the massive facade and along with the brilliant projections from all 10 teams, there were also local and international artists and bands to entertain the mammoth crowds.

iMapp Bucharest 2018

Tapestry Lumiere

Go2’s submission was called Tapestry Lumiere. Tapestry Lumiere is a colorful, abstract spectacle inspired by the patterns, colors, history, architecture and heritage of Romania. The projected patterns are created from individual strands that represent the many diverse lives of people living in Romania. Individually each of these threads has its own direction but intertwined they highlight, they direct, they connect. Wholeness, unity, harmony, freedom and tradition are celebrated on this huge canvas of light, using illusion to generate ‘wow’ moments that bring the audience together.

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