Genie Lift Anniversary

Reaching new heights with aerialists and synchronised digital projections

Genie Industries celebrated its 50th anniversary by hosting its customers from all over the world for a festive gala at Seattle’s EMP (Experience Music Project) Museum and Go2 was on site to make sure the entertainment for the evening was spectacular.

The theme of the gala was an underground circus with aerialists and performers and keeping that in mind, Go2 built dynamic content for the massive 33 x 55 ft LED screen at the museum’s Sky Church venue using their state-of-the-art audio/visual system. Genie brought Go2 on to work closely with the aerialists, so we could create powerful content that would synchronise perfectly with their specific performances.



Genie Lift Anniversary

The Results

Our team had to be conscious of hotspots, colours, and focus points within the animation since we were going to have several of the performers hanging from the roof of the Sky Church hub in front of the LED screen. The show was structured over 5 hours, mixed with aerial and floor performances and Go2 also created a dynamic 3D branded logo animation in between the aerial performances to keep the audience engaged and excited for the next performance.

The result was an unforgettable evening with aerialist performances to synchronised projected content, drinks being poured by aerialists, acrobats in giant bubbles and the largest human marionette puppet in the world. A live feed was recorded by Go2 that streamed through the EMP system that played around the museum so between main performances, the audience would know if an act had just started and if they should head back to the Sky Church hub.

The combination of lively acrobatics, synchronised digital content and real-time audiovisuals all flawlessly performed made for a spectacular evening that raised the bar on corporate events.


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