Genie Lift

Elevating the Genie brand to new heights at #TRS2015

10 Storey High Projection Mapping

The Production Network, Genie’s event producers, turned to industry leader Go2 Productions to create a 3d animated outdoor projection show against the monolithic architecture of the Boeing Pavilion at the National World War II Museum in New Orleans.

Go2’s award winning team designed, produced and installed a 10-storey projection mapping experience without a single hitch, resulting in a legacy video that successfully documents the entire event from set up through to activation. The legacy video is a powerful marketing tool that lives on far beyond the original event.

Genie Lift

The Challenge

Genie Industries wanted something that would not only wow their customers at the American Rental Association Show, but something special that would knock the socks off the competition, and serve as a long living marketing piece.  We delivered!

The Results

Go2 worked with TPN lighting designers to literally turn the museum Genie Blue and put on a show to rival a rock concert.

Genie’s marketing team was literally speechless with the results. Not only were their attendees blown away, but Genie has a resulting marketing piece with a long lifespan, and a great return on investment and a true home run for all involved!

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