Using 3D Animation To Explain How Something Works

“Ah! Now I get it”

If you have a “widget”, a “wongle” or a “wonder how that works” kind of product, 3D Animation can help you explain it to buyers, potential customers or even the world – no matter how small or how large it is.

In this example we take a look at how we used 3D animation to explain an innovative little product that keeps your automobile smelling fresh, whilst charging or holding your smart phone securely in place.

The product is called FreshTech which is available in two models – One attaches to the air vents of your vehicle, the other inserts into the powered outlet in your vehicle, both have replaceable scent cartridges, that keep your car smelling fresh for up to 30 days.

Using 3D Animation To Explain How Something Works

The Benefits Of Using 3D Animation

When used effectively, 3D Animation can demonstrate a product more clearly and concisely than any other medium. You can explain how something works 100% accurately every single time, without even having the product with you.

3D Animation can enhance a product’s appearance – making it more attractive and dynamic while enhancing its perceived value in a controlled, fully branded environment.  You can show and explain a product that is still in development, how its complex inner workings will operate or interact with other products or machinery.  The applications of using 3D Animation to explain a product are truly limitless.

Perhaps the most magical thing about using 3D Animation to explain how something works is that you can show things that could never be achieved with live action. For example, in the FreshTech sample on this page, we show how the device inserts into the supplied power slot and attaches to the air vent, comes apart to allow old cartridges to be replaced and even how an iPhone slots into place – all this explained in less than 20 seconds, with no hands. That’s how concise it can be using 3D Animation to explain your “widget” or “wongle”.

If you have a product or hard to explain “wongle”, contact Go2 Productions today,  and we’ll explain it for you using 3D Animation.

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