ETFO Awards Program

Celebrating excellence with a vibrant 2D video

ETFO (Elementary Teachers’ Federation of Ontario) members make outstanding contributions to curriculum development, the arts, the environment, science and technology, children’s literature, health and safety, LGBTQ realities and humanitarian causes. This video was designed to entice members to vote for their colleagues, or even put up a nomination for themselves.

The piece explains the wonderful work done by ETFO members and the financial aid distributed annually to member and community groups through the Awards Program – in a bright, engaging 90-second video.

ETFO Awards Program

The Brief

We knew that using 2D animation and colorful graphics was the best way to promote the awards and get the client’s message across in a creative, light-hearted way.

With a 2D animated video, we could provide the most possibilities and choice based on colors, characters, and music. Animated videos work especially well as no one wants to read long explanations about services or products.


The Results

After sitting down to get our storyline in place, we made a list of things we wanted to see stylistically and then our designers got to work, producing this enjoyable animated video with a catchy tune. The client was thrilled with the piece and the video garnered hundreds of views on the client’s YouTube page and loads more on their website.

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