Erickson Revealed

Paying homage to a distinguished architect

The historic landmark and multi-award-winning MacMillan Bloedel office tower in Vancouver will now be known as Arthur Erickson Place after its designer, Canada’s most distinguished architect, Arthur Erickson. To celebrate, the ownership group of Arthur Erickson Place contacted Go2 to put on a large-scale projection mapping experience called ‘Erickson Revealed’ for seven nights in downtown Vancouver.

Techniques used: Projection mapping


The experience showcased Erickson’s notable work and some never-before-seen photographs augmented with digital lights and animations that were projected onto the building’s main exterior. Our team created a 10-minute-long experience that would play on a loop until 10 pm every night that week. Erickson Revealed was the perfect way to pay homage to Arthur Erickson and allow the public to witness his work on a grand scale.