Dewalt Product Reveal

Creating a Unique New Universe for Dewalt

Dewalt’s vision is for a world with cordless job sites and for their latest launch of tools that speak to each other via Bluetooth, they wanted to produce an experience that attendees would not soon forget. Go2 created an exciting, dynamic opening video projected onto an 85-ft screen to welcome attendees to the Dewalt Universe, where smart, wireless power tools are the norm.

Dewalt Product Reveal

The Results

Dewalt had never produced a projection mapping event like this before and wanted to showcase their new tools in a unique way beyond demonstrating them in trade show environment. We decided to put together a piece that would show off all the new features of the product launch and what that would look like in a Dewalt Universe. With an energetic soundtrack and an 85-ft screen, the event was a huge success and got Dewalt a lot of buzz for their latest launch.

Our award-winning creative team have produced so many successful events that we have it down to an art. We can create a show package that transforms your event into a high impact, memorable and extremely professional experience.

Our high impact opening sequences command attention with powerful custom music scores and Hollywood style sound effects that immerse your audience in style. Contact us to find out how we can help you with your next event.

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