CLC 2021

A virtual conference package for maximum impact

The CLC (Canadian Labour Congress) was held as a virtual event in 2021 due to Covid-19 restrictions. CLC reached out to Go2 Productions to produce the event content package, which included openers, mini-openers, closers, transitions, title animations, backgrounds, and virtual platform designs, along with additional needs that were required in their show flow.

Techniques used: 3D Animation, Custom Content Production
Client: Canadian Labour Congress


Our team worked alongside Encore Canada, who was executing the live event through a ” Chime ” platform. Due to the nature of the event transitioning from live to virtual, Go2 helped guide the CLC through all content requirements and needs for a virtual event. Although the content format is delivered in standard HD (1920 X1080) and some alpha channel animations, additional content requirements are sometimes needed to pull off an engaging and exciting virtual event during showtime.