Canada Olympic Excellence Day

Revealing the Olympic Rings

A visual spectacle of Olympic proportions.

July 8th 2015, Canada Olympic Excellence Day celebration in Montreal, had five major facets; the World Sport Luncheon featuring IOC President, Thomas Bach, as keynote speaker, the inauguration of the educational and high-tech Lausanne conference room, a peek at the immersive Olympic Experience (a next-level sports science and technology centre), artistic performances in Canadian Olympic House and, of course, an 18-minute projection mapping experience leading up to the unveiling of the Olympic rings on the roof of the COC headquarters.

Go2 was commissioned to handle the design and development of all 18 minutes of high impact content for this 23 story high Olympic Rings reveal.

Canada Olympic Excellence Day

The Challenge

It was an honor and privilege to work on this project. The countless creative and management meetings, in the end, were all worth it. The client and audience were blown away by the final result–from the larger-than-life animation to the original scored music and fx.
The COC and IOC members were overwhelmed and ecstatic with their choice in Go2 to produce this project.
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The Results

Rendering 18 minutes of content at 5x HD vertical resolution takes a lot of CPU power and organization. All five acts that we developed for this were meticulously checked by our team to ensure every frame of animation was correct. We also built a custom 24 node farm over a gigabit network to enable us to handle all the 3D render passes.

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