Bank of Montreal

Classic, stylish videos that inform and enlighten

With video taking the central place in online and offline marketing campaigns, we’ve helped several large and small businesses get their marketing message across and communicate what their core values are. Created in a style to suit your brand, content can be supported by a strong narrative and delivered with stylized graphics.

Bank of Montreal

The Brief

We decided to show how the institution of banking has changed throughout the decades and how BMO was adapting to fast-growing mobile technology in banking. Using motion graphics, we were able to tell this story in a clear and concise manner, whilst grabbing the attention of viewers and leaving a lasting impression.

The beauty of an animated/motion graphics video is that you can apply your corporate identity across the entire production to reinforce brand awareness. Videos make it easier to combine and streamline any new updates, products or messages into your existing marketing strategy. Whether you’re looking to inform, sell, train or explain, an animated video can yield amazing results for your brand.

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