BIV Award Shows

Making Your Corporate Event More Memorable

By adding a modular customizable projection mapping set element to the annual BIV events, we took it from being great… to unforgettable.

Each award show that BIV now does has a very defined opening experience and content flow that uses the modular set piece in different ways. This really adds to the award show experience, making guests feel like they are attending something special.

We produce opening content for the stage set and also produce quality on-screen content for the two side screens as well, to ensure each evening has a consistent award show look and feel.

BIV Award Shows

The Challenge

The challenge was to come up with a solution that could be reusable in different sized ballrooms and event spaces. The modular set was the perfect solution as we could template the content for each event.

The Result

Making your event more memorable is like free PR. It ensures your guests tell others, it creates buzz online through social media and ensures the people want to return to the next event. ROI at the speed of ‘LIKE’.

If you’re planning a corporate event and you want to make it more memorable and engaging, then call Go2 today and we’ll ensure your guests talk more about your event and less about the chicken dinner.


Creating large format visuals for maximum impact

CLC holds a convention every three years, which is attended by delegates from local unions to present proposed resolutions to the floor. The 2017 conference was called #FairFuture and featured inspiring speakers from all over the world. Go2 was happy to be a part of the conference by producing several themed opening videos, logo and title animations, animated wallpapers, and closing videos.

BIV Award Shows

The Results

Our award-winning team has produced content for so many events and conferences, that we have it down to a T – and we know exactly how to make your guest feel like they are attending something special. We can take care of all the visual elements from sponsor screens to speaker intros to ensure your event is stylishly branded and all the design elements are cohesive.

If you’re planning an event, contact us to find out how you can properly entertain and engage your audience.

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