BCIT 50th Anniversary

"No matter how far you dare to dream... It all starts here"

In the Fall of 2015, Go2 Productions was pleased to handle the event production and content design for BCIT’s 50th-anniversary celebration, incorporating a colossal projection mapping experience that spanned the entire width of the hanger doors. 

Techniques used: ProjectionMapping, 3D Animation
Client: BCIT


Tech Specs:

A massive 65′ wide x 33′ high custom projection screen was designed and installed as a central projection surface covering the two middle doors, while additional projectors were placed to cover the remaining four hanger doors, making a massive combined projection surface of 200′ wide x 33′ high.

With aeronautics and space travel being a huge part of BCIT’s vision, we came up with a slogan that was very fitting for the event. “No matter how far you dare to dream… It all starts here.”​


There were many challenges to overcome for this project, ranging from the different focal lengths on the hanger doors, the structural bracing, the huge custom screen and installation, and not forgetting working at 7k resolution for the animation – 6890 pixels x 1080 pixels.

We decided to measure all the steel frameworks manually instead of relying on structural drawings. This decision was made because even though the steel construction was built according to a drawing, it had to be welded together by hand. This made it possible that the cross bracing may not match the drawing perfectly. Measuring manually ensured that we had a perfectly accurate map of the hanger doors to work with. Furthermore, when we laid the bracing map over the content and reprojected it, the content landed in between each of the braces. This resulted in the entire hanger door looking like one giant LED panel with no content distortion.


The end result was an ultra-wide projection experience that opened the anniversary celebrations in a memorable style for the 1000+ BCIT guests and alumni. Contact Go2 Productions today to find out how we can make your next event ‘out of this world’ using projection mapping.