Award Show Opener

Enter a magical, mysterious world

The ILEA Live committee came to us looking for a creative and unique solution for the opener video and content for their 2016 Esprit Gala.

The theme of the event was ‘Alice through the looking glass’ with a Dali-inspired feel.

Award Show Opener

The Brief

We decided to take the audience through a slow, guided journey traveling down the rabbit hole. We created various mystical environments and integrated similar details from the original movie.

The Results

We created a series of ‘Alice themed’ images, from mazes and clocks to forest elements and color-treated them to work seamlessly together with the theme and layered 2D and 3D objects into the imagery to help bring the footage to life.

From there, we animated fluid camera movement to give the audience the effect traveling through each of the environments. The right choice of music played a big part in creating an engaging animation, with an impactful crescendo to get the Gala audience excited for the show.

The award show opener was commented on by many attendees as being ‘truly cinematic’ and represented the theme perfectly.

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