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3D animation for TV commercial production

If you’re thinking of having a TV commercial produced to advertise your service or a product, then 3D animation is something you should certainly consider.

3D animation is a great medium for a TV commercial as it keeps engagement high and can be very memorable.

Avant Credit

The Challenge

‘When Avant Credit came to us for this commercial, they were very clear they didn’t want it to be boring. Adding humour and a story into a TV commercial makes it much more memorable. The possibilities are really endless as to what you can have happen in a TV commercial using 3D animation.

The Result

We carefully craft a script that was then approved by the client and then storyboarded the visuals to fit the concept we came up with – The Money Lending Circus. We then storyboarded the entire commercial before starting to model the main characters that appear in the TV commercial.

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