AT&T Water Screen Projection – TwitchCon 2022

‘Nice work pilot, it’s time to come home!’

The first ever TwitchCon event, in San Diego 2022, Allowed us to work with our good friends at Wasserman once again, to create an amazing holographic water screen experience for attendees of TwitchCon.

Making use of a 120 foot wide pressurized water screen we blew peoples minds as they watched and filmed the experience from the harbour boardwalk.


AT&T Water Screen Projection – TwitchCon 2022


With just 3 weeks to design and produce this experience we had to move quickly. We knew there would be no way to complete this level of animation by hand, so we decided the best route would be to MoCap the entire sequence. We spent 2 days in the MoCap studio, the first was rehearsals, then the second was capture day.

We then spent a few days cleaning up the data before our amazing animation team started working on texturing, lighting, optics and effects animation. We then produced the music, dialogue and sfx tracks in tandem with rough previews from our animation department.

On site, we made use of 2x 32k laser projectors to create the highly saturated holographic effect onto the water screen.

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