Experience SYNCRA

A cyberpunk-themed walkthrough immersive experience where high-energy electronic, colourful lighting and visual projections change with user interactions.

Cirque Du Soleil 3D Anamorphic DOOH Advertisement

When Cirque du Soleil opened its show "Kooza" in Toronto, Ontario, they wanted to bring the whimsy and magic of its production to a digital out-of-home (DOOH) advertisement

BRIGHT Downtown

BRIGHT Downtown served as a safe outdoor activation with digitally projected artwork and animations visible on the east façade of Fairmont Hotel Vancouver.

Goldfish 3D Forced Perspective DOOH Advertisement

Campbell's unveils Mega Bite Goldfish Crackers, challenging Go2 to convey their impressive size in 3D DOOH Billboard campaign.

Lumiere YVR

We created an AR filter that brought two of the festivals' larger light installations to life.

Doritos 3D Anamorphic DOOH Advertisement

In a strategic partnership between Doritos and the widely popular online game Fortnite, they wanted to bring their newest NPC drop to a 3D billboard in Toronto, Ontario.