Cirque Du Soleil Vancouver DOOH Forced Perspective

Following the success of the 3D Anamorphic campaign for Cirque du Solei in Toronto, Go2 replicated the magic in Vancouver.

Burts Bees 3D Anamorphic DOOH Advertisement

Burts Bees reached Go2 Productions to bring their new line of moisturizers to life through a stunning 3D Forced Perspective DOOH advertisement.

Day of the Dead Projection

Creating a projection mapping experience for the Day of the Dead celebrations in Vancouver.

Starbucks DOOH Animation with 3D Anamorphic effect

Summer 2023 brought the launch of a new Starbucks Refresher. The challenge for Go2 Productions was to present the cooling treat on a LED Billboard

AT&T Water Screen Projection – TwitchCon 2022

Water screen projection can be a very technically challenging process, speak to us to learn more about how we can maximize the effect for your brand or client.

50 years of BMW 3D Forced Perspective DOOH Advertisement

The fast-paced 20-second ad showcased two BMW vehicles driving and popping out of the billboard by using a Forced Perspective illusion