Portfolio - Brand Activation

  1. Lumiere YVR
  2. United Way
  3. 2019 Demo Reel
  4. Target DJ Booth
  5. Holographic Displays
  6. TELUS Touch Game
  7. Retail Projection Mapping

Lumiere YVR

Bringing art to life

Lumiere YVR was a series of public interactive artworks inspired by light and artistic expression. As part of the festival, our team created an AR filter that brought two of the festival’s larger light installations to life.


Portfolio – Brand Activation

Visitors scanned the QR code positioned on the base of the light structures to see Stanley the Heron and Davie the bear in action on their screens. Users could make the creatures bigger or smaller and they moved dynamically with the phone’s movements.

AR filters like these can show off a brand’s personality and have a higher tendency to be shared on social media. Contact us if you have a celebration/brand launch or some great art to showcase. We can create immersive art installations and experiences that deepen user engagement like our work on this Interactive Architectural Model and LED slide.

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Exhibiting local love through a touch of a button

Go2 Productions developed an interactive map to be utilized on two 55 inch touch screens for a United Way event celebrating their community-driven achievements around the Lower Mainland. The aim was to develop a 3D map that would organize the various activations around the lower mainland, providing information and data, goals reached, re-cap videos and photographs for each activation.

The Results

The interactive map gave attendees an opportunity to interact and learn about all of United Way’s local initiatives and it would also give the attendees an option to drop a “love pin” on the community that they are from. Our team developed a custom-built experience through touch designer and customized 2D and 3D assets for the built map and platform.

The outcome produced a mixed 3D/2D dynamic learning platform that organized all of United Way’s local initiative success. Furthermore, we were able to collect data on how many people interacted with the platform, and through the “love pins” dropped, we were able to collect which community they were from as well.

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2019 Demo Reel

We have been producing immersive projection mapping experiences and one-of-a-kind interactive brand activations for more than 10 years. Expertly weaving together art, soundscape and digital mastery, our award-winning team transforms physical spaces into magical events that thrill and inspire.

Go2’s recent clients have included Target, WestJet, Weber Metals and Food Lion to name a few. For a quick look at some of our best work, we’ve put together a 3-minute demo reel. Enjoy!

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Portfolio – Brand Activation

Target DJ Booth

A synchronized seasonal light show for a vibrant block party

There’s always time for a little Christmas magic and we helped create some magic for TARGET at Christmas at South Street Seaport in New York City.  Using two ultra short throw projectors and a sprinkle of Go2 Productions creative, we transformed TARGET’s awesome block party DJ booth – into a synchronized seasonal light show for the public guests visiting the seaport area.

Portfolio – Brand Activation

The Results

Two ultra short throw projectors were used to help keep shadows to a minimum on the crowded pier. By using two projectors, cross blended, even people crossing directly in front of the projection caused minimal shadowing.

The Go2 Productions team is known for large scale projection mapping and we have produced many larger-than-life building projection installations. This installation shows how the tech can also be scaled down to make even smaller activations more engaging and memorable.

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Holographic Display

Bringing holograms into focus

Holographic displays are mesmerizing to watch, especially when the content is specially built and edited for the medium. These free-floating 3D holograms can showcase details and features of your product in a totally unique way. This short piece for the Oculto brand demonstrates magic and elegance usually reserved for the finest stage magicians. Theatrical smoke effects, elegant transitions and beautiful lighting all play out in the theatre of holographic content.

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Portfolio – Brand Activation

TELUS Touch Game

Increase brand engagement at your next corporate event with an 80″ touch screen game

Touch screen brand activations can be incredibly successful if you do them right. We turned the well known TELUS critters into a fast paced addictive game, that had people laughing and interacting for the entire length of the event. To make the game really competitive we added a timer, complete with top ten times of the evening. This winning combination compelled people to film friends and share their attempts through social media.

The touch screen game was so successful, TELUS asked if we could return for the following two AGM’s they scheduled. Take a look at the video below to see just how popular the game became.

Portfolio – Brand Activation

The Challenge

Initially, we pitched this concept as a custom window display for the TELUS stores. They loved the idea but wanted something similar for their upcoming AGM scheduled just 4 weeks out. We got straight to work and had full designs ready within just 4 days and programming complete within 3 weeks.

The Result

We took the classic memory game called “concentration” and added a couple of twists… Instead of having an even amount of tiles to flip over we added one extra special card – A Lemon. So not only did the players have to remember where all the critters were, they also had to not forget the lemon! When players turned this tile over it was game over!

If you have a corporate event or AGM coming up then we highly recommend calling us to discuss making this an option for you. We’d love to opportunity to create a memorable experience for your brand.

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Retail Projection Mapping

3D tech is opening up a world of possibilities for retail brands

And helping retailers to bring their products to life is 3D Projection Mapping. Our technique helps brands tell compelling stories whilst transforming products into real-life canvases. High-impact Motion Graphics and Animation help explore product characteristics, brand positioning, and highlight campaign stories.

Digital content is already being used to expand consumer experience, with interactive displays responding to the audience’s choices. Through augmented reality, it is really easy to preview how different clothes would go together or how customized products would look before they are produced.

Portfolio – Brand Activation

The Results

Instead of just sitting on a shelf, projection mapping helps products come to life with bold graphics and wild designs. Specific features of products can be highlighted and the environment around the product can be projected on to, for a contrasting effect. We can project onto everything from a pair of shoes to a mannequin making the products themselves something of a digital light show.

Projection mapping is great for trade shows as well, and the technology can be applied along with sound design and other effects to create a dazzling display that people enthusiastically share through social media channels. The possibilities for technical innovation for brands are endless with the right digital content and when consumers are empowered to become co-creators of their experiences.

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