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Interactive Penalty Shoot MLS 2017

Huge Interactive Penalty Shoot Out Game

For MLS2017, Go2 was asked to create a soccer-based experience that would attract a crowd throughout the daytime and retain interest throughout the evening. Initially, Go2 was approached based on our projection mapping expertise, but typically this technology only works on buildings in the evening when it’s dark. So, how could we make a projection mapping experience extend throughout the day? The solution turned out to be an innovative use of LED tiles and a little bit of creative R&D. This activation fits perfectly with Go2’s ENGAGE | ENTERTAIN | CREATE BUZZ formula.

Portfolio Interactive installations

The Challenge

The first challenge for us was to design a projection-mapped experience that could be somehow extended throughout the day. With the whole event being based around soccer, it seemed natural to create something revolving around goal scoring. The client was MSL ALL Starts, so we started brainstorming ways we could fully integrate the brand into the experience instead of simply wrapping the brand colours over something. 

Out of the brainstorming session came one lead idea that sounded amazing but also presented our second big challenge. “Could we really set this up in a way that allowed members of the general public to kick a professional soccer ball directly at $200,000 worth of LED wall? The idea was a big hit with the client when we pitched the concept, so that’s when we started an in-depth R&D session to see if we could make it work. 

Initially, the first designs meant the LED wall would be around 10ft behind the goal mouth, behind the netting of a full-sized goal, which completely blew the illusion and felt pointless. 

Our next iteration meant building the goal posts into the LED wall truss design for stability, which left the goal mouth just 2ft in front of the LED wall – a much more realistic feel to the experience. The final challenge was to design a way to secure the goal netting onto the mouth of the goal in a way that could stop a professional soccer ball from being kicked at full force before it reached the LED wall. As you can see from the video, we managed to overcome all challenges and the whole activation was packed solid all day long, with children and adults of all ages taking part in the challenge.

From the Creative Studio website:

Despite no pre-promotion as a result of the City of Chicago regulations on this activation space, the event garnered the following results:


The interactive soccer game had a constant lineup of guests ready to take part, with a permanent crowd of people around the activation cheering on each participant. Once night fell, we selected one of the top players to take part in a special Light It Up ceremony, where they kicked the ball at a special target that triggered the 23-storey projection-mapped experience on the iconic Tribune Tower. From that point on, every shot that was taken on the ground translated into a projection-mapped HIT or MISS animation on the building.


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BC Tech Summit 4D Portal

“360º immersive environments”

January 18th – 19th, 2016. Go2 Productions created a unique 4D experience to showcase various tech industries in BC, for the #BCTechSummit event in Vancouver.

The 4D Portal experience featured 3x 20ft wide stereoscopic screens, fully animated stereoscopic environments with audio, a hydraulic entrance and vibrating floor, complete with interactive controls to allow guests to progress through the experience. The experience was designed specifically to showcase various BC tech innovations and industries in a unique, engaging and memorable way.

Go2’s extensive knowledge in stereoscopic content and PLC programming, made this the most engaging and talked about exhibit at the event, successfully moving 1500 people through the experience per day, easily accommodating between 10-15 people at a time to experience the 8 minutes of educational content.

Portfolio Interactive installations

The Challenge

Ground breaking activations like this always have challenges, from time and budget constraints to technical issues to overcome.  One of the big challenges for us was that we needed to create a custom cable that allowed our stereoscopic projectors to talk to the RealD control module. Before this event, these cables never existed. The cable needed to ‘fool’ the RealD controller into thinking there was an infrared emitter connected, in this case it wasn’t necessary as we switched the technology around to allow passive glasses to be used instead of active shutter. This meant a faster, more efficient throughput of people without the need to recharge any glasses.


The Result

The success of this installation was extremely rewarding for everyone involved. It was the largest install at the event and commented many times as being the most popular. Check out the hashtag #4DPortal on twitter to see all the comments.

As mentioned in the video, it is no longer enough to have a booth and table filled with printed brochures, experiential activations such as this are now the level of engagement that people have come to expect at events.

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Thank you to VER for providing the projectors for this experience and also to GeoSim – Advanced 3D City Mapping for the street scene data.

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Spherical Hologram

The Spherical Hologram – An Industry First

The Go2 Productions Innovation Lab has done it again, creating the world’s first spherical hologram with 18.5 million virtual pixels. This incredible 10.5ft diameter structure was conceived and designed by the creative team at Go2 and fabricated by our trusted technical partners – RabCup Studios.

Besides the 360° holographic branded content that appears to float around the structure, we included a unique holographic selfie booth. Audio reactive RGB LED strip lighting was installed on every connecting side to give an added depth of content and overall effect.

The whole system made extensive use of the SDK and touch designer. All the control hardware was neatly packed inside the structure, accessible from the structure’s base. Guests were invited to create 4 seconds of video adjacent to the dome, which later appeared on one of the holographic zones in full HD quality. #bestgifever

Portfolio Interactive installations

The Challenge

The holographic units are still in the beta stages of production and require massive amounts of R&D from both Go2, our technical partners, RabCup, and the manufacturer, HYPERVSN, to pull this off. None of what we produced here is included in the manual. Extensive reprogramming and coding were needed from all parties to pull this off.

The Result

We just designed and produced the world’s first spherical holographic selfie booth! Our clients were both elated with the results, and guests were blown away by the new technology and mesmerized by the overall effect. Everyone was taking part, having a blast and filming their ‘on-screen’ moments. The most common comments from the crowd were ‘WOW’ and ‘How the heck ?!’.

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An interactive tool for data capture at trade shows and conferences

Data capture has quickly become one of the top requirements for any company when considering a street activation, trade show booth or campaign. The more you know and understand about your audience, where they’re coming from and what their needs are, the better you can structure your marketing campaigns to be the most effective.

Rimex approached Go2 Productions to create not only a series of high-quality product videos but to also to design and program an interactive booth experience that tracked visitors, engaged, entertained and educated them and most importantly, captured their contact details and product interests via a badge-scanning system.


Portfolio Interactive installations

The Benefits

The system that Go2 created allowed users to log in by simply scanning their event pass. They were then able to browse through the Rimex product range videos via a 55” touchscreen interface, save the videos and graphic documents they liked/needed to a basket, and then email the entire set to themselves when they were done. The 3D videos we created made it easy for the audience to understand otherwise complicated technical information.

Having an interactive component at your trade show booth not only attracts potential customers, but it keeps them engaged at your booth – and more time they spend with you is less time they spend with your competitor. This additional engagement time is a great tool for your sales development team to take advantage of.

The captured data shows all the viewer’s contact details that they used to register for the event along with information about which products and services they are most interested in learning more about.

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