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Engaging touchscreen installations for branded events.

We’ve all played a game of concentration, and now Go2 Productions has brought the classic game to corporate events – for a fun and memorable experience for guests.

Go2 has created a customizable touch screen memory game for corporate and branded events. To play, users have to quickly match pairs of tiles on an interactive screen while avoiding a “lemon” tile that would instantly disqualify them. The ten best times of the night are recorded on a scoreboard next to the game.

Engaging touchscreen installations for branded events.     Engaging touchscreen installations for branded events.

Here’s how we used it for a TELUS event and why it was so successful.

The game was a huge success because it was competitive. The high score table encouraged the guests to continue playing to beat their colleagues throughout the event. The fact that all the images were made up of TELUS critters made the game approachable and gave it a personalized touch.
The game was also highly visual and encouraged bystanders to watch people play. This made the game very entertaining to both watch and play. As a result, the game was very popular the entire night. We strategically set it up right by the bar, and Telus employees enjoyed watching each other compete for the best score!
To see the game in action at the TELUS event, take a look at the video below.

Interested in something similar for your company or corporate event? Contact Go2 Productions today!

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