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Take your Trade Show Booth from Boring to Extraordinary

by Scott Justis, Technical Producer-Director

Trade shows are a great networking opportunity for your business. You will be surrounded by hundreds of booths, though – many of them filled with your competitors. So it’s imperative that you do something different, something that will attract visitors to your booth and make your business stand out. Enter projection mapping.

3D projection mapping is comprised of four main components: 3D animated media, the media server playback system, a projection system (one or more), and a projection surface.

With diverse projection surfaces ranging from Lady Gaga’s face to a twenty-three-story Montreal office tower, the applications of 3D projection mapping are incredibly vast. Mundane and tranquil environments by day become energized at night and objects being mapped seem to come alive. Within the trade show environment, the technology can be applied along with sound design and other effects to create a dazzling display that people enthusiastically share through social media channels.

Take your Trade Show Booth from Boring to Extraordinary
Displays and products themselves become projection surfaces that can deliver your marketing message like no other medium.

The advantages for trade show exhibitors is that some shows allow for enclosed booths/stands or to have the overhead lighting turned off over the booth boundaries. For example, a booth/stand that is 20’ square or larger can be enclosed to create a mini “holodeck” that can take an attendee on a journey through a marketing message.

Another example of a great display is to have a projection of the interior of a boat on the side of the boat giving the attendee the illusion of seeing the interior via X-Ray vision. A third example can be a special presentation theater with the sides and ceiling mapped to create an immersive marketing journey.

When considering the application of a 3D projection mapping system there are some things to consider. The media projected can be anything that is able to be displayed on a normal monitor, even live streams and interactive content. The projection surfaces can be anything not made of glass or mirrored in any way. Booth headers, floors, walls, and even tabletops are all possible. Some surfaces such as frosted Plexiglass and fog curtains can create 3D effects and Plexiglas can also work as rear-projection surfaces.

Besides the trade-show floor, there exists an opportunity to incorporate 3D projection mapping at off-site marketing events. Special venues with unique features may present a projection surface (interior and exterior) around which an event can be based. Often the off-site events take place after dark or in dark environments that allow for great design flexibility. Creating an immersive themed space will provide the best medium for marketing message delivery, as was the case with Genie.

3D projection mapping in all its flexibility can certainly enhance the marketing message and environment of a trade show booth or stand. All it takes is some imagination, engineering and a great team of seasoned professionals on your side.


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