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The Future of LED Outdoor Advertising

In the dynamic world of outdoor advertising, LED billboards have long been at the forefront of innovation. With the advent of 3D Anamorphic Content, a.k.a Forced perspective, these digital displays are undergoing a transformation that promises to reshape the landscape of brand communication in public spaces. In this blog post, we’ll explore how 3D Anamorphic Content is set to revolutionize the future of LED outdoor advertising.

When did 3D Anamorphic Content Emerge in LED Billboards?

The use of 3D anamorphic content in Digital Out-of-Home (DOOH) advertising began to gain significant traction in the early mid-2010s. While the concept of anamorphic art and visual illusions has been around for centuries, the application of this technique to outdoor advertising is a more recent development. The exact origin of 3D anamorphic DOOH advertisements can be challenging to pinpoint, as it likely emerged through a combination of technological advancements, creative experimentation, and a desire to create more engaging and attention-grabbing advertising experiences.

By the mid-2010s, several notable campaigns and installations featuring 3D anamorphic content started to garner attention in major urban centers worldwide. These early examples demonstrated the potential of this innovative approach to captivate audiences and elevate brand messaging in outdoor advertising. Since then, 3D anamorphic content has continued evolving and become a key trend in the DOOH advertising industry.

The Future of LED Outdoor AdvertisingGo2 Productions – 3D Anamorphic Content creation for Starbucks Refreshers DOOH advertising Camaping

The Limitations of Traditional Content:

LED billboards have already proven their efficacy in capturing attention and delivering dynamic visual messages. However, while traditional content practices on LED billboards have served their purpose, they are now facing a critical challenge. Flat, two-dimensional visuals, though effective in their own right, lack depth and engagement. As consumer expectations rise and technology advances, these conventional approaches are beginning to fall behind.

In contrast, 3D anamorphic content takes LED billboard advertising to an entirely new level. By employing optical illusions and perspective techniques, brands can now create visuals that seemingly leap out of the screen. This revolutionary approach not only captivates passersby but also etches the brand message into their memory.


The Future of LED Outdoor AdvertisingTimes Square Bussy LED advertising with traditional advertising content

The Impact on Brand Engagement:

With 3D Anamorphic content, brand engagement takes on a whole new dimension. The interactive and immersive nature of these visuals compels viewers to stop, engage, and even share their experiences on Social Media Channels. This level of interactivity creates a deeper connection between the audience and the brand, leading to increased brand recall and affinity. Also, when the content is shared on passersby’s phones, the reach and impression of the advertising goes beyond the streets.

Curved LED Billboards: A New Canvas for Innovation:

The adoption of curved LED billboards in iconic urban locations, such as the one at Yonge and Dundas in Toronto, owned by Bell Astral Media, is a testament to the industry’s forward-thinking approach. These innovative displays offer a unique canvas for 3D Anamorphic Content, allowing brands to create experiences that seamlessly blend with the architectural landscape. This marriage of technology and design revolutionizes the advertising industry, offering viewers a visual feast that’s impossible to ignore.

The Future of LED Outdoor Advertising

The Future is Now:

As the technology behind 3D Anamorphic content continues to evolve, the possibilities are boundless. From creating unforgettable brand experiences, driving foot traffic, and encouraging social media sharing, this innovative approach to LED outdoor advertising is poised to become a cornerstone of marketing strategies.

At Go2 Productions, we’re at the forefront of this revolution in outdoor advertising. Our expertise in creating stunning 3D Anamorphic Content for LED billboards ensures that your brand stands out in the crowded digital landscape. Contact us today to explore how we can bring this exciting future to your advertising endeavours.



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