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Life in High Def: Why LED video walls are the next big thing

Video wall technology is transforming our everyday experiences more than ever. As we spend more time in airports and hotels, traveling for work and pleasure, brands are looking for unique ways to evoke emotion and create memorable environments for visitors. Digital experiences are at the forefront of this trend; combining art, technology and design as a seamless integration to commercial lobbies, hotel lobbies, airport walkways, casino floors, shopping experiences and public spaces.

LED Technology is vast and has come a long way over the past few years. The main goal is to create a large enough surface within the environment so that we capture the attention of each visitor. The technology and installation is only one step to transforming your environment. Creative, high quality content is just as important as the purchase and integration of technology.

There can be many purposes for your LED wall including abstract art/digital sculptures, realistic 3D environments, branded content or advertising. The majority of your budget may be dedicated to the purchase and installation of the equipment, so it may be smart to include all avenues of use, so your content includes art, branding and an avenue for advertising revenue. From a content creation perspective there is a way to integrate all avenues, so that your LED installation has a level of sophistication, never compromising on that artistic transformation that was your initial goal.

Now any space can transport you to a different world as you pass by or walk through a video wall or tunnel. You can bring the outdoors inside by creating unique photorealistic animated environments, create 3D digital sculptures for a wall that feels like it is living and breathing and you can take your experience to the next level, where live data can trigger the movement and color changes of your digital artwork.

To learn more about how Go2 Productions can provide cutting edge creative content for your video wall technology, contact us today.

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