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Using Entertainment Technology for your Next Event

Technology has always been an integral part of the events industry and these days audiences have come to expect bigger and more immersive experiences at every product launch, convention or festival they attend. If you’re unsure about using digital entertainment or immersive technology at your next affair, don’t be. Find the right experience-focused professionals and they will work with you to provide that extraordinary blend of creativity, originality and results. Here’s how to get technology to work for you, giving your attendees an immersive experience they won’t soon forget.

Work with the best people
You’ll want to partner with a company that can provide unique ideas, cutting-edge technology, artistic savvy and the hard work and attention to detail it requires for an event to excite and inspire. Look for a team that has a stand-out portfolio, does the work in-house and most importantly, is willing to work with you to achieve your dream event. Don’t just cover the specs of the technology you are thinking about using but also go over those “what happens if” scenarios as well. None of these questions will faze a professional and experienced tech team. 

Using Entertainment Technology for your Next Event

Check your tech
Entertainment technology can provide those amazing #YouGottaSeeThis moments that attendees will be talking about long after the event is over. Whether you understand the minutia of 3D projection mapping and virtual reality or you’re just now starting to understand the options available to you, don’t be afraid to ask (all the) questions of your tech provider.

A good events production company will make sure you understand what equipment is needed and why, and attain any licenses you might need. They’ll also let you know if your venue can accommodate projectors, generators, and the many other items needed as well as the behind-the-scenes production, where the magic (and lots of hectic activity) takes place. Sticking to your budget is important but this is not where you should be skimping. Events are riddled with uncertainties; don’t let your tech be one of them.

Use technology to up the fun factor
Interactive touch screen games like this one Go2 developed keep things interesting and get the audience to interact with the brand in a fun and unique way. Large-scale projection mapping projects like this are always crowd pleasers, have high impact and are often immediately shared by attendees on social media. Not all entertainment technology is created equal so whatever it is you have on the agenda, it has to be smart, well-done and leave attendees wondering, ‘how the heck did they do that?’

Spreading the word – post event
The event was amazing, the guests had the time of their lives and now’s the time to channel all that excitement into post-event marketing and social media buzz. Your event tech team can take care of this by reminding participants of the event’s hashtag so everyone knows where to find great images, videos, and reviews of the evening and participate where they can. It never hurts to give potential attendees a little FOMO by filling up their social media feed with images of their friends having the time of their lives.

Technology is here to stay, so finding unique and innovative ways of incorporating digital productions into events will only improve audience experiences and keep them coming back – again and again.

Diane Pereira

Let Go2 Productions help make your next event amazing. With a stellar portfolio, countless happy clients and the recipient of the 2016 ILEA Chapter Technical Supplier award, we know our tech. Contact us for a chat.

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